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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was more than just a champion for gender equality. As the [...]

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Elect Equal Rights Cohort

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A Seat at the Table

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Ratify Now Cowards

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Virtual Lobby for Equality

98 youth lobbyists. 29 Congressional Appointments. 4 pieces of legislation. 1 [...]

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Amicus Brief

We filed an amicus brief in favor of the plaintiff in the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of [...]

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Rethinking Sisterhood

Every Thursday afternoon from May 7 to June 4, we ran a series of five webinars titled [...]

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ERA Bootcamp

Know what happens when youth activists are quarantined? We get creative! So, [...] 

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ERA Lobby Day

Generation Ratify’s Youth For the Equal Rights Amendment Lobby Day brought 60 youth [...]

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VA Ratification

After months of long, hard work and nearly a hundred years of waiting, we had finally [...]

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2019 Election

The Elect Equal Rights campaign was dedicated to electing pro-ERA candidates [...]

Our North Carolina team was in Charlotte for the RNC. They dropped a banner [...]

A Seat at the Table was a series of webinars aimed to educate young people on various [...]

The Elect Equal Rights Cohort was a 7-week digital organizing program where youth [...]


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