Information & Resources

Information About Generation Ratify, the National Team, & Available Resources. Return to the Ratifier Portal home here. 


  • Join Generation Ratify's National Slack – Slack is our main platform for organization-wide communication for leaders and organizers. Check out our slack guidelines and information on navigating the platform here

  • National Team Directory – Overview of all national team members, what they do, and their contact information. 

  • Report Form – This form is monitored by Maria Cheng and Yasmina Mansour, national IDEA Directors. This team focuses on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, and ensures that GR community is a safe space for everyone. Always feel free to fill out this forms w/ any reports of instances that go against our principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

  • General Feedback Form – This form is monitored by Generation Ratify's Executive Directors, Rosie and Belan. You may share any and all feedback here about anything, and you may choose to remain anonymous. We are dedicated to making our community a welcoming space and as great as it can be. We are always looking for ways to improve! Let us know if there is something you'd like us to continue, change, or consider. 

  • Generation Ratify Caucus System – We have community and advocacy spaces within our movement for folks of particular identities as a part of our caucus system, such as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and more. Learn more about them and join these movement spaces!

  • Conversation Guide – This document outlines our expectations when it comes to having conversations with one another. We lead with empathy, an open-mind, and assume best intentions. 

  • Voice Guide – Summary about the language of our movement & how we present ourselves publicly. 


We are currently designing support pages for each department so you can understand who is on each team, what they do, how they can help you, and all the resources you have access to related to that department. Our goal is to have this finished by Monday, August 30th. Here are the following pages we have ready to go:


Generation Ratify Directors are here to serve YOU! Feel free to reach out to them whenever you need assistance in or want to share ideas related to their respective areas of expertise. View a full list of National Team Members along w/ their responsibilities & contact information here. Below is a list of departments & their directors' contact information.


The Generation Ratify Slack hosts many channels that are moderated by National Directors. These are spaces to ask for help, bounce around ideas, & stay-tuned into the work of others across the country in that respective area. Check out the channels below.

Department Support Channels:

  • #Communications-Support: Moderated by Leeah (PR Manager) & Esha (Social Media Director) -- For all things messaging, social media strategy, reaching out to press, and anything else related to communications!

  • #Community-Engagement-Support: Moderated by Community Engagement Team (Aishlinn, Betel, & Harmonie) -- For all things building community, working with partners, engaging members, and conducting outreach!

  • #Creative-Support: Moderated by Anabelle (Creative Director) -- For all things visual strategy, art campaigns, art technique, creative events, and anything you deem at the intersection of art and activism!

  • #Development-Support: Moderated by Rosie (Executive Director) -- For all things related to organizational administration & structures, finances, fundraising, and technology!

  • #IDEA-Support: Moderated by Maria & Yasmina (IDEA Directors) -- For all things related to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the movement!

  • #Organizing-Support: Moderation by Organizing Team (Emma, Ritwik, & RODs) -- For all things related to running & ~organizing~ a chapter, hosting direct actions, supporting volunteers, etc.(!)

  • #Policy-Support: Moderated by Policy Team (Rachel, Lauren, & Lizzie) -- For all things legislative advocacy, lobbying, supporting candidates, and more!

Coming soon: Support channels/programs related to organizing environments people are in, ex. rural, college, BIPOC in blue cities, etc.  


The Generation Ratify National Directors host weekly office hours to provide spaces for community members to ask questions, bounce around ideas, get feedback, and give feedback. These are open to anyone! Check out the internal movement calendar for the join information for all of them. Below are the times:

  • Creative & Communications: Mondays @ 5 PM EST

  • Community Engagement: Every Other Wednesday @ 8 PM EST 

  • Policy: Every Tuesday @ 8 PM EST

  • IDEA: First Monday of the Month @ 6 PM EST and Third Thursday @ 3 PM EST

  • Development/Operations: Every Wednesday @ 6 PM EST 

Coming soon: National & regional Organizing Office Hours!


Note: You are always welcome to reach out to national directors for help and set up 1:1 times to work or talk together. 


Here are some forms that you can use to request support from the National Team:

  • Communication Amplification Form – Use this form to amplify events, calls to action, and initiatives you are carrying out through national communication channels! Available amplification avenues include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS (Remind), & email. 

Resource Bank

*We are doing a HUGE overhaul of all of our resources. We are updating all current resources and creating several more. Please use this form to give feedback on current resources and request new ones.*


See a breakdown of our resources by department.

  • Organizing Resources – All resources related to executing actions, leading campaigns, mobilizing on the ground, and our chapter network. 

  • Policy Resources – All resources related to legislative advocacy, leading campaigns, mobilizing on the ground, and our chapter network. 


See a breakdown of our resources for key roles and issues.

  • State Director – All resources related to social media, messaging, pr and media relations, and creative strategy. 

  • Starting a Chapter – All resources on the process of starting a chapter and getting it off the ground. 

  • EveryAction – All resources related to legislative advocacy, leading campaigns, mobilizing on the ground, and our chapter network.