ERA Bootcamp

Know what happens when youth activists are quarantined? We get creative! So, Generation Ratify’s Policy + Political Action Team hosted an 8 week Digital ERA Action Bootcamp!

The Digital ERA Action Bootcamp was an 8-week program that guided youth activists through mentorship, webinars, and actions to grow as organizers as they learned how to effectively digitally organize, build community online, and advocate for the ERA during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

During the 8 week program, participants were taken through 8, 1-hour, virtual trainings that educated them about the ERA and taught them how to advocate for it during the Coronavirus pandemic. After each training, there was a weekly action that needed to be completed. These items took up 15-60 minutes a week and worked towards advancing the ERA. In addition to these weekly trainings, participants were also be assigned a mentor from Generation Ratify’s Policy and Political Action team that helped them throughout the process. 

These trainings were weekly, one-hour webinars that take place over google meets. In the trainings, we discussed the ERA in depth and the different avenues to digitally organize around the ERA. We also explored bigger concepts of digital organizing and youth activism. We covered everything from pressuring your elected your officials to vote for gender equality legislation to community building around the ERA during COVID-19. Check out the webinars below.