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Creative & Communications Resources

For all things related to design, visual strategy, messaging, social media, and dealing with the press.

Team Members

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Team Member: Anabelle Lombard (she/they)
Role: Creative Director
Slack Name: Anabelle Lombard (Nat’l Creative Director - She/They) 

Reach out if you need assistance with...

  • Planning creative events like open mics, drag shows, etc.

  • Executing art-based actions or initiatives, such as a sticker campaign or art-centered protest

  • Creating art for merch, graphics, projects, etc. 

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Team Member: Jason Zhang (he/they)
Role: Graphic Artist
Slack Name: Jason (Nat'l Graphic Artist - he/they) 

Reach out if you need assistance with...

  • Creating graphics for social media, forms, or other platforms

  • Designing websites and other digital platforms 

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Team Member: Samantha Muñoz Salinas (she/her)
Role: Social Media Manager
Slack Name: Sam Muñoz (Social Media Manager - she/her)

Reach out if you need assistance with...

  • Managing social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

  • Creating messaging and copy (captions) for social media posts

  • Making your social media more accessible, including Spanish translations

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Team Member: Rey Watson (they/them)
Role: Communications Manager
Slack Name: Rey (Nat’l Comms Manager - they/them)

Reach out if you need assistance with...

  • Creating communication rhythms with your chapter (ex. creating Daily Digest and/or Ratifier Rundowns specific to your chapters)

  • Crafting and sending emails, including EveryAction assistance

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Team Member: Belan Yeshigeta (she/her)
Role: Interim Public Relations Manager
Slack Name: Belan (Executive Director - she/her) 

Reach out if you need assistance with...

  • Reaching out to press and media contacts

  • Crafting and sending out media advisories/press releases

  • Creating and publishing statements, including help with messaging

Support Offerings

Coaching Sessions

The Creative and Communications department is more than willing to hop on a call to talk through any initiatives, projects, ideas, and challenges you are facing related to the work of our department. This could include:

  • Hashing out a social media campaign

  • Creating a format and process for sending out weekly newsletters

  • Drafting up a press release to get media coverage for a direct action

  • Creating designs for merch

  • And so much more!

You can reach directly out to any team member to set up a meeting or ask them to hop on a call. If you feel more comfortable filling out a form to schedule this, here is one you can fill out. 

Get Feedback

If you ever want a second opinion or second set of eyes to look over something, the Creative and Communications Department is here to help! We are happy to read through documents, look at graphics or designs, and review anything you want feedback on. This can include:

  • An op-ed or press release you are sending out

  • A post/statement you are releasing on social media

  • A design or graphic 

  • Anything you want!

You can send materials for review to any team member by reaching out directly. If you feel more comfortable filling out a form to send materials, here is one you can fill out. 

Get National Amplification

Our role is to support the amazing work you all are carrying out in your communities. We can do this through amplifying your work and calls action in the following ways: 

  • Posts/reposts on our social media platforms

  • Emails to our national subscription list (approx. 7,000 people)

  • Messages through our SMS system, Remind

Here is the form to request this communications support. 


Is there a resource you think would be helpful that we don't already have? Request that it is created here! We are always looking for materials we can produce to better support our movement. 

Pitching The Media & Writing Press Releases

Social Media Kit & GR Logo

Tactical Writing & Media Kit

Team Members
Support Offerings
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