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2020 GenERAtion Ratify


Generation Ratify began July 22nd, 2019 with one member in Arlington, VA. It was only a couple of months before Generation Ratify had spread across the state, and it was only a few months more before it had spread across the country. Here is our impact since then:




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Action Highlight

Introducing the Generation Gender Equality Coalition! 🎉🎉 Generation Gender Equality is a coalition of groups that are youth-led, have high youth engagement, and/or strive to be more inclusive of the youth generation. This is a coalition of groups, ranging from college campus organizations to the National Organization For Women, all working towards a more equitable future for all genders through advocating for gender equality legislation, specifically the Equal Rights Amendment. Our goal is to create a team of organizations fighting for issues that fall at the intersection of gender equality. Our power in numbers and dedication will allow for an unstoppable team, comprised of different groups who come together to achieve equality for all genders through creative demonstrations, projects, and initiatives.

On January 8th, we gathered in Richmond outside the Capitol of Virginia to welcome back the VA General Assembly! We made it clear that the youth of America want gender equality enshrined into our Constitution.
We are so excited to announce that we have launched our campaign to mobilize youth to make Virginia the 38th and final need to ratify the ERA into the Constitution. Learn more at tinyurl.com/VAratify2020. Stay tuned for posts showing ways that you can get involved.