The Intersectional Gender Equality Coalition


August 26th marks 100 years after the 19th Amendment’s certification into the Constitution. There were issues with the inclusion of all people in the fight for gender equality then. There still are now. But we know young people have the power to change this.


We know the power that comes when young people share their voices and collaborate to solve issues that are important to them, which is why we are forming an Intersectional Gender Equality (IGE) Coalition.

Together we will work towards a more equitable future for all genders. Our power in numbers and dedication will make for an unstoppable team, composed of different groups who come together to achieve equality for all genders through creative demonstrations, projects, and initiatives. We can’t wait to begin.
 Join us today.

Calls to Action & Events


The following are our three main calls to action for the rest of September, which came out of our coalition call based on what coalition organizations wished to put particular emphasis on. However, all organizations within the coalition will still have different programming/Calls to Action throughout September, so make sure to join the Slack (see how under Join Us) to stay updated! 


Attend #51for51’s Young People’s Virtual Advocacy Day (via Platform Women)


About a year ago the national DC Statehood campaign, 51 for 51, launched on the premise that the most significant voting rights bill in our lifetime—D.C. statehood—should not be subject to political games. The 51 for 51 campaign advocates for a viable path to DC statehood by bypassing the filibuster to enfranchise 700,00 people.

Now that HR 51 has earned its historic passage in the House, we have to move the Senate, where it will require unbelievable youth power and solidarity to see it through.

We are calling on you to join us as we virtually take to the halls of Congress for the #51for51 Young People's Virtual Advocacy Day on Thursday, September 24 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ET and demand a real path to statehood. This Lobby Day is open to young people from across the country. We encourage advocates from California, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, and Wisconsin to mobilize their networks to join.

Sign up for this event HERE & find other ways to help with the cause at their website HERE


Donate to & help source Gofundmes for Project Unsettlement 


​Project Unsettlement is planning to sell a print zine as a fundraiser for various GoFundMes/mutual aid efforts/relief efforts for Indigenous folx. If you know of any such fundraising efforts in your community, or see one online, please forward them to our email ( or DM us on Instagram (@projectunsettlement). We would prefer any longer-term fundraisers, such as large-goal gender transition efforts, whose deadlines are in the month of October at the earliest. We will be compiling these fundraisers to determine how we can most effectively share our resources!


Participate in one of Blue Future’s many phone & text banks to elect progressive candidates this November!

There is more info HERE on how to get involved in their various phone & text-banking events. You can join one of the text or phone banking events individually, and you can also create a group event and join as an organization. You can also sign up for something called Motivote at THIS link that will keep you updated on election deadlines!

How We Work 

The coalition is made up of youth-led organizations who advocate for issues that are intersectional to gender equality. This happens via our Slack, bi-weekly coalition organization calls, and office hour workshops open to everyone (including you!). 


Our bi-weekly calls are open to member organizations and are hour-long discussions where the member organizations will come together to discuss and coordinate coalition efforts. We will brainstorm coalition actions and plan out the next two weeks of coalition work. Additionally, there will be time allotted for a representative from each member organization to give updates about their organization and enlist the help/collaboration of other member organizations if needed.


Our office hours are open to ANYONE and are usually 5 pm EST every other Monday. They will be structured with breakout sessions with workshops led by member organizations. 


Workshops can be about taking an action (i.e. doing a group phone bank), can be educational (i.e. the history of red-lining), or both. As a member organization, you are an owner in equal parts of the coalition as every other member organization. In that position, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, both to further your own organizations efforts and to ensure that a stream of work is consistently coming out of the coalition. All coalition members are encouraged to join the workshops! 

Join Us

As an organization: Email to learn more about getting involved with the coalition as an organization. 


As an individual: HERE is a link to join our coalition as an individual organizer! It is a short google form to get some basic information. After you fill out the form, you should receive an invite link to join the Slack within the next few days. 

The Intersectional Gender Equality Coalition Member Organizations 

The Anti-Racist Education Project

Asian Youth Vote

Blue Future




MoCo Empowher

MoCo Students for Change

National Youth Rights Association

Pride in Running

Project Unsettlement

Project Youth Voices

The Homegirl Project

The Tomorrow Project

We Are Human

Youth Activism Society


Fans of Asylum and Immigration Reform

DC Teens Action

Connect With US