Movement Spotlight

What  we are focusing on as a movement at this moment. Return to the Ratifier Portal home here. 

#1: Rally for Roe Campaign

#2: Summer on Tolerance

We are in a time of unprecedented attacks on our reproductive freedoms. With unconstitutional, anti-abortion legislation sweeping state legislatures, and a Congress unable to fight for our access to reproductive services, BIPOC, working-class, queer, and young people are being stripped of their right to healthcare and bodily-autonomy. 


The Supreme Court recently decided to take a case challenging the precedent set by Roe v. Wade, which protects abortion in the first two trimesters, or 24 weeks. The case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. With our 6:3 conservative majority, this case, regardless of the outcome, will have huge implications on the future of reproductive justice. We must meet this moment with the action and fight it requires. That is why we are rolling out our Rally for Roe campaign– a three phased initiative to defend and expand our reproductive freedoms. Check out a full run-down of the case & this campaign here. 

Top 3 Campaign Priorities:

  • Making Our Kick-Off a Success:  We want to make hella noise on July 22nd to celebrate our birthday and kick-off this campaign. Here are resources so we can do just that:

  • State Lobby Day Coaching Program Sign-Ups:  The National Policy Team is prepared to support chapters in organizing state-wide lobby days for reproductive justice legislation, namely the Roe Act. Through 1:1 coaching calls and guidance throughout the process, a Policy Director will help you go from researching legislation, to scheduling meetings, to training lobbyists, and more, to carry-out a successful lobby day. This will not only be a great opportunity to fight for reproductive justice in your state, but it will help walk you through organizing a state-wide lobby day if you haven't, yet. Sign-up for the coaching program here.

  • Attending & Brining in People to our Panels: Phase one of this campaign is all about bringing people into our fight & educating our communities. We will be hosting a series of panels to discuss important intersections of reproductive justice. Here is the RSVP form for them. Below are the dates and themes of the panels:

Ways for organizers & chapters to plug-in:

  • Plan a direct action. Plan a direct action in your community to raise awareness around this case, pressure lawmakers to protect abortion access, and bring people into your chapter. Organizing will be carrying out a coaching program for all interested organizers and chapters that will culminate in a day of direct action. Check out a direct action guide for the campaign here & sign-up for the organizing coaching program (sign-up & guide coming -- completed by July 22nd).  

  • Organize your own event/program. Carry out another advocacy event, whether that be organizing your own event to educate your community, having a phone-bank for reproductive justice legislation, canvassing for your community, volunteering for a local abortion fund, or more. Check out a guide we have here for other actions you can take (guide coming -- completed by July 22nd). Coaching & support available. 

  • Drive individuals to other campaign opportunities. Don’t have capacity for an event or want your chapter to party at an event with organizers across the country? Encourage your team to sign-up for campaign opportunities happening nationally such as the federal lobby week, creative workshops, and more. 

  • Any other idea you have! You have agency for doing what makes sense for your community. Have an idea not on here or want to alter anything to make it more your own? Go for it! We are here to support you.

Important Resources

  • Communications Amplification Support Form. Use this form to amplify events, calls to action, and initiatives you are carrying out through national communication channels! Available amplification avenues include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS (Remind), & email. 

  • Support Channels. As you are executing actions and initiatives, never hesitate to pop a question in a slack support channel: ​

    • #Community-Engagement-Support: Moderated by Community Engagement Team (Aishlinn, Betel, & Harmonie) -- For all things building community, working with partners, engaging members, and conducting outreach!

    • ​#Creative-Support: Moderated by Anabelle (Creative Director) -- For all things visual strategy, art campaigns, art technique, creative events, and anything you deem at the intersection of art and activism!

    • #Development-Support: Moderated by Rosie (Executive Director) -- For all things related to organizational administration & structures, finances, fundraising, and technology!

    • ​#IDEA-Support: Moderated by Maria & Yasmina (IDEA Directors) -- For all things related to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the movement!

    • ​#Organizing-Support: Moderation by Organizing Team (Emma, Ritwik, & RODs) -- For all things related to running & ~organizing~ a chapter, hosting direct actions, supporting volunteers, etc.(!)

    • ​#Policy-Support: Moderated by Policy Team (Rachel, Lauren, & Lizzie) -- For all things legislative advocacy, lobbying, supporting candidates, and more!

    • #Communications-Support: Moderated by Leeah (PR Manager) -- For all things messaging, social media strategy, reaching out to press, and anything else related to communications!

In Generation Ratify, the multitude of identities our organizers hold is something we celebrate and we're committed to recognizing. Especially on the heels of AAPI & Jewish Heritage Months (May) and during Pride Month (June), this sense of solidarity is ever so present in our organizing (and has, on a personal note, never been more pronounced). 

Generation Ratify's caucus system is an important part of our ongoing mission to prioritize Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). With twelve communities in caucus spaces for organizers of various identities, we're proud to empower and uplift initiatives at the caucus level. If you haven't already, consider joining a caucus within GR!

As the summer kicks in, Generation Ratify is launching the “Summer on Tolerance,” an IDEA- and caucus-led webinar series spanning nine weeks -- from late June to late August. Each webinar is organized by caucus members and covers topics especially important to the caucus. The series is geared toward allies, caucus members, and general organizers -- all are welcome to attend. Check out upcoming sessions & RSVP here.