Movement Spotlight

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#1: Summer Brainstorming!

#2: Bringing the Heat for SJ Res 1

RSVP for summer brainstorming spaces happening May 2nd through May 5th here!

This summer, we are going full speed ahead with our feminist revolution. In May, the Senate will likely vote on the Equal Rights Amendment. In June, the Supreme Court will rule in Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization, releasing a decision that will define our fight for abortion. In July, Generation Ratify will have our third birthday. In August, we have Women’s Equality Day (8/26). And we are quickly approaching the 2022 midterm elections, which will have a great impact on the future of gender justice in the United States. It is time to TURN UP. 

These brainstorming sessions will be facilitated by GR national team members. We will be discussing the following key questions:

  • What events do you want to see? What events/initiatives has GR done in the past that you’ve enjoyed/would like to see again?

  • How do you feel about an in-person convening?!

  • What new things would excite you?

  • Have you ever seen something cool another org did that you wish GR did?

  • How do YOU want to engage with and facilitate this summer's feminist revolution?

These are open to everyone and anyone in the GR community. We will have a mix of whole group discussions and breakouts depending on the vibe. The more minds and people we have working on this, the stronger we will be this summer.

You can come to as many as you want, for as long or as short as you want! If you have ideas and feedback ready to go, we would love to hear them. If you are just looking to sit-in on the conversation, we are also here for that! Reach out to with questions.

SJ Res 1, the resolution to remove the deadline on the ratification of the ERA, is likely to be voted on THIS MONTH! Despite having the support of 52 Senators (thanks to our advocacy!!), the resolution likely won’t pass because of the filibuster. To beat the filibuster, 60 Senators must support the resolution, which we unfortunately don’t have. Nonetheless, this vote is a crucial moment to capitalize off of. It is our opportunity to get Senators on record as being opposed to gender equality. 

We don't know when this vote is yet, but we are doing the work now to have a plan to bring the heat once we have a date. 


An idea to build this pressure is a letter drop off! Draft a letter to your anti-ERA Senators and collect signatures of young people that endorse the letter. Before the vote on SJ Res 1, preferably a day or two before, go to an in-person office to drop-off this letter with the signatures printed out. You only need a few people to do so! Make some noise, take some pictures, and use that as leverage to call them out. If you are interested in this, fill out this form. We are here to support you 100% of the way. 


This action can be adapted to be a bigger thing, like adding in a sit-in component, or to be a smaller thing, like just sending an email if an in-person delivery is not possible. We are also down to help brainstorm other ways to build pressure, like hosting a phone-bank. 

#3: Mobilizing Around Abortion

#4: In-Person GR Convening in July