Movement Spotlight

What  we are focusing on as a movement at this moment. Return to the Ratifier Portal home here. 

#1: All Movement Call

Join us for Generation Ratify's next All Movement Call taking place on Thursday (12/16) @ 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST.

This call is a space for all movement leaders and members, from local organizers to folks on state teams, to national team members. This is a space for us to come together to:

  • Be in community with one another

  • Discuss movement-wide updates, initiatives, and challenges we are working through

  • Celebrate and uplift each other's work


We will really be focusing this call on celebrating what we have accomplished this past year, doing some fun holiday-themed community bonding, and handing out our bi-annual paper plate awards! All who sign-up will have a paper plate made for them by a national team member.

​This is an optional call. There will be a recording and notes sent out afterwards to all movement leaders. RSVP here & send around to fellow leaders!

#2: ERA in the Courts!

Last summer, we had the incredible opportunity to submit an amicus brief in a major ERA lawsuit. Check it out here!

With the case going on to the 5th circuit, we have the opportunity to submit another brief! This is our chance to bring up the issues that matter to young people. So, we want to hear what matters to YOU! Let us know by filling out this form.

Additionally, we are hosting a space on 12/16 at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST to talk about the amicus brief and what this whole process entails, with guest star Megan Keenan, the lawyer who is helping us through all of this. RSVP here!