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Feminist Friday: Jennifer Carroll Foy

This week’s feminist for #feministfriday? Our Virginia ERA champ, Jennifer Carroll Foy! @jennifercarrollfoy

Jennifer Carroll Foy is an American attorney and Democratic politician from Virginia. A public defender, she was elected in 2017 to represent Virginia's 2nd House of Delegates district. In the House of Delegates, she fights for everyone whether that be championing criminal justice reform, pushing for accessible education, or helping institute policies to provide fair health care for all. She is also spearheading the ratification of the ERA in Virginia. Here is a quote from her on how she stands up for women’s rights: “I am fighting to institute paid family medical leave policies, fair scheduling laws, and equal pay for equal work policies. I also believe that we must ensure all women have access to affordable birth control and cancer screenings. I am staunch defender against the concerted effort to roll back women's rights and access to safe, affordable healthcare.” Thank you for all you do @jennifercarrollfoy! Art by our Creative Director, @anabelle_art_every.so.often.