Feminist Friday: Ms.Frizzle!

This week’s Feminist Friday: Ms. Frizzle!

Valerie Felicity Frizzle, aka “the Frizz” to her students, is one of the most iconic feminist characters of our generation. She is the leading lady of the children’s educational show “The Magic School Bus,” of which the original series spanned from 1994-1997; however the superior education entertainment has been used in science classes ever since. We would like to honor her fantastic and clearly feminist career because she proves that unmarried women do not need men to succeed in their field. She is one of the prime examples that STEM does not have to be a male dominated field. And Ms. Frizzle, like us, believes that the youth voice must be heard and educated. Thanks for all your hard work, Frizz. Keep inspiring little girls all over the world.


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