Livestreams W/ Generation Ratify!

Want to stay engaged with Generation Ratify? Join us for instagram livestream fun! As organizers, we have a duty to take into account the safety and health of not only our organizers, but also the public. We are all aware of the massive influence that the Coronavirus is having on schools, universities, and public gatherings across the world. We will be putting a pause on in-person actions throughout our organization, from both national to chapter based actions. With that said, this is an opportunity to refine our organizational structure, prepare for the future, and build relationships within the GenRat fam. We will be rolling out resources and opportunities to keep you all taking action. We will keep on pressuring the Senate. We will continue to help elect pro-ERA candidates. We will continue to educate youth about the ERA. We will also be there for each other during this difficult time. Never hesitate to reach out.

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