Vote for Gender Equality

October 12th, Generation Ratify organizers across the nation led over a dozen direct actions happening across the country to get people to the polls to vote for pro-gender equality candidates and ballot initiatives.

The GOP has failed us. Mitch McConnell has failed us. Linsdey Graham has failed us. Senate Republican leadership has failed us. Women and people beyond the gender binary remain disenfranchised, at the hands of complacent, Republican politicians in the Senate. The ERA is a bipartisan issue. Gender equality is a bipartisan issue. Yet, all Democrats in the Senate have co-sponsored Sj Res. 6, the resolution to remove the deadline on the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Republican leadership is stopping it from progressing. We are seeing the same thing now with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. What hangs in the balance is not just a vacant Supreme Court Seat - it is the dignity, free will, & rights of the American woman, the LGBTQ+ community, & anyone who possesses a uterus. The Republicans know exactly what they are doing. And we called them out for it, got to the polls, and voted with our conscience.