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2020 Election Impact

         This year we are expanded our Elect Equal Rights campaign nationally. We worked to flip more legislative bodies. We organized to elect more pro-ERA candidates. We empowered more progressive young women-identifying, non-binary, gender nonconforming, femme folx, and queer youth, to run for and win office. 

We did this through working with campaigns, from the local to the national level, to create voter contact opportunities such as phone-banks, text-banks, and voter registration efforts, for our organizers and chapter network. Furthermore, we worked with these campaigns to create gender equality specific messaging in their advocacy efforts to ensure that gender equality, and the ERA, is an election issue. This looked

like incorporating gender equality into the conversation when contacting voters, making sure intersectional gender equality is explicitly in the candidate's platform, and hosting digital events with the candidate, such as town halls. 

From March 31st to November 3rd, we made 1.07 million voter contacts overall, through phone-banking, text-banking, voter registration, no contact canvassing, town-halls, and more. 

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