Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and advance gender equality in the United States of America.


Our mission is to build a coalition of young people across the country leading an intersectional feminist revolution that empowers and advocates for the full equality of young women, non-conforming, non-binary, femme, and Queer folx.

We do this through...


Educating the youth of America about the Equal Rights Amendment and gender inequality today.


Advocating for the ERA and gender equality legislation through legislative and judicial advocacy. 


Empowering the youth vote and fighting for pro-ERA, gender equality sense candidates through making the ERA an election issue.


Empowering young women-identifying, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and femme folx.

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Our Origins

Generation Ratify was founded in July of 2019, after a few young people realized the need to get more youth involved in the fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.  After going to countless events where the youngest person was 40, it was evident this movement needed to be inclusive or the young leaders of today. 
As the population that will be the most impacted by the ramifications of the ERA, as well as the ones that will have to see to it is able to fight for all we want it to, Gen-Z and young people need to be included this movement. This movement needs people who would prioritize an intersectional approach to gender equality and are not afraid to push boundaries
That is why Generation Ratify started– to build a coalition of young people working towards gender equality through ratifying the ERA, and seeing to it that it shapes up to protect all gender minorities.