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Our Amicus Brief

We are taking youth voices to the court for the ERA... again!


We filed another amicus brief in favor of the plaintiff in the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Illinois, and State of Nevada, V. David S. Ferriero, in his official capacity as Archivist of the United States. Read it here.

What is the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Illinois, and State of Nevada, V. David S. Ferriero all about? The Attorneys Generals of the states that are in the title of the case are suing the National Archivist to force him to recognize Virginia’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and certify the measure as part of the Constitution.

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The ERA has fulfilled all requirements of Article V of the Constitution to be enshrined in the Constitution, which includes being passed by 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states. However, the National Archivist, David S. Ferriero, is blocking its ratification on the basis that its non-binding deadline has already passed. Blocking the ERA from being added to our Constitution is a desperate attempt of Trump's Department of Justice to keep women and people beyond the binary out of the Constitution. And we are not going to let it stand. 

So, we filed an amicus brief. Amicus briefs are legal documents that are filed in court cases by outside parties with a strong interest in the subject matter. These briefs advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments that the court might wish to consider. 

Generation Ratify believes that in the fight for the ERA, a fight that has been going on for nearly a century, it is critical to amplify youth voices. So we are doing something that has never really been accessible to young people, we are bringing our fight to the courts. Our ideas, concerns, and focus on inclusion and intersectionality is critical to fighting for an ERA that works for everyone. By filing this brief, we want to elevate the conversation, focus on the communities that need the amendment the most, and empower young people to carry this fight forward. We do this through highlighting the Equal Rights Amendment as a tool to advance education justice, economic opportunity, and curb gender-based violence for young people. 

We did this in collaboration with Convington and Burling, and want to give them a huge thank you for their help, especially to Beth Brinkmann, Sarah Suwanda, Laura Dolbow, and Charlotte Butash.

Young people want to build a better future for themselves, one in which they will not be unfairly disadvantaged by decreasing returns for their labor based on their gender or gender-presentation.

The fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment is a fight that needs to include all voices. It is a fight that will impact everyone in this country and we need to ensure all communities' are included in this conversation. So, we reached out to organizations that advocate for the intersections of gender equity high-lighted in our brief. Here are the organizations that signed on their support:

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