Generation Ratify has a chapter network composed of thousands of young people who are doing the work on the local, state-wide, and national level.


Our local chapters bring Generation Ratify's mission to life in local communities - fighting to ratify the ERA and advancing gender equality legislation; running educational workshops to teach their peers of the ERA and modern day gender inequities; fighting to elect pro-ERA candidates; and challenging social disparities between the genders through community based solutions.  

Our state-wide chapters provide support to our local chapters, while also executing state-wide initiatives and advocacy efforts.  

Join a chapter in your community today! In addition, you can join our slack, our organization-wide communication platform, to connect our organizers from across the country here, regardless of chapter membership status.

Find Your Local And State Chapter

Don't See A Chapter Near you? Start one!

Don't See A Chapter Near you? Start one!

State Leadership Opportunities

In all of our state-wide chapters, we have state-boards, teams of people that work to support chapters, grow membership, and execute advocacy initiatives in their state. Here are open positions:

State Director: Lead your home state in advocacy and change by mobilizing youth, creating campaigns, and establishing a chapter network!  Application Form and Position Description. Due September 4th. 

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