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Generation Ratify has a chapter network composed of thousands of young people who are doing the work on the local, state-wide, and national level.


Join a chapter in your community today! In addition, you can join our slack, our organization-wide communication platform, to connect our organizers from across the country here, regardless of chapter membership status.

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Generation Ratify is committed to providing young people the resources to advocate for legislation that will advance gender equality. We also recognize that the patriarchy is inextricably linked with other systems of oppression, such as white supremacy and capitalism. Our legislative advocacy reflects this belief.

Generation Ratify has identified legislation in Congress to organize around to fight for a more equitable future for all genders. Check out how you can take action around these policies, from contacting your reps, to raising awareness on social, to organizing in your community.

Every week, Generation Ratify has digital events hosted by our local, state, and national teams. From phone-banking to organize young folx around pro-gender equality legislation, to webinars with pro-ERA candidates, to trivia nights, we have got it all.

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A lot is riding on this upcoming election, including the fate of the Equal Rights Amendment. We need to have pro-ERA majorities in the House and Senate, as well as in state legislatures, if we want to pass critical pieces of gender equality legislation.


Generation Ratify is all about getting out the youth vote to elect pro-gender equality candidates, but we know COVID-19 presents many barriers to that. To combat this, Generation Ratify organizers are working every day to phone-bank and text-bank for pro-ERA candidates in key Senate races.

In addition, we are fighting against voter suppression, helping people request absentee ballots, fill out the census, and come up with voting plans. 

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We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement & protestors across the country. To our Black community members: We hear you. We see you. We will fight with you. 

For non-Black folx, it is imperative to recognize and call out anti-Blackness in yourselves and your communities. Dismantling white supremacy begins with acknowledging your own implicit biases and choosing to act against the oppressor--  your silence is complicit with the structure of white supremacy.  

Listen to Black voices: use your privilege to amplify their messaging without speaking over them. Give your time, your ears, your hands, and your money if you are able. Use your privilege as a shield for those who are unprotected. Remember that Black leaders have been at the forefront of liberation movements for centuries.

We tried to curate an extensive list of resources, actionables, links, and literature. See this list here. We will continue to update as we find more, and encourage you to continue amplifying anything you come across with your friends, family, loved ones, followers, communities, and local collectives.

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