Feminist Framework Release & Summit

On January 11th, Generation Ratify released the Feminist Framework.

Our Feminist Framework fights for intersectional gender equality with policy proposals about a myriad of political subjects including: climate justice, combatting religious discrimination, criminal justice reform, democracy reform, economic opportunity, equitable education, healthcare & reproductive justice, immigration reform, queer liberation, and combatting violence against minority communities. Our Feminist Framework declares our gender equality legislative goals for the 117th Congress. 

This is our guiding framework to mobilize around in the streets, the halls of Congress, and the courts because as members of Generation Ratify, we believe it is time to fight for intersectional gender equality with our Feminist Framework.

In order to educate young people about the issues covered in the Feminist Framework and equip them with the tools to take action, we hosted a three day virtual summit– Building a Feminist Framework. View recordings of all workshops and trainings here.