LGBTQ+ individuals face incredible amounts of discrimination throughout the country. Despite recent advances, there are still several ways in which LGBTQ+ individuals are oppressed in the U.S., including everyday discrimination, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, education discrimination, lack of healthcare, and housing support. Queer Liberation and Gender Equality are one in the same. Your feminism isn't feminism unless it accounts for all genders and all forms of gender-based discrimination.


We will fight for the immediate passage of the Equality Act. Because no one should be discriminated against in housing, education, or the workplace. The Equality Act would ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals cannot be discriminated against based on their sexuality or gender identity, and better enable members of the LGBTQ+ community to access some of the most fundamental human rights, like housing and education.

We will fight for comprehensive sex education in public schools, with course topics catered to LGBTQ+ youth. Because LGBTQ+ youth need to be prepared for the future just as much as their straight and cisgender peers. Representation and discussion of LGBTQ+ related topics in sex education classes will help educate LGBTQ+ individuals on their own personal health (just like it does for their heterosexual and cisgender peers) as well as validate their identity at a young age.


We will fight for better treatment of incarcerated LGBTQ+ individuals. Because the criminal justice and jailing system in this country are wildly corrupt, and LGBTQ+ individuals should be protected both from the system and also within it


We will fight for the establishment of more homeless shelters and housing support designed and dedicated specifically for LGBTQ+ youthBecause LGBTQ+ youth deserve to grow up in a safe environment and supportive environment, whether it be with their family or not.

We will fight for more inclusive healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals. Because protecting LGBTQ+ individuals’ access to healthcare significantly decreases the health risks and conditions they are more susceptible to. Healthcare is already inaccessible within the U.S., and is even less accessible for the individuals who need it most. LGBTQ+ individuals need healthcare that both supports them and affirms their identity.

We will fight for the mandating of gender neutral bathrooms in all public spaces, workplaces, and government properties
Because trans individuals deserve to feel comfortable in all parts of their lives. While they should be allowed to use whatever restroom they desire, gender neutral bathrooms would strongly decrease the risk of transgender individuals feeling uncomfortable or being harassed when they use the restroom.


We will fight for a federal ban on conversion therapy. Because it is discriminatory and medical malpractice targeting an already marginalized community. Conversion therapy amplifies a shame and stigma that so many LGBTQ+ individuals already feel and face in their every day lives, and actively harms the mental and physical health of LGBTQ+ individuals who are forced to go through it.


“Same-sex marriage was only legalized federally in 2015, and queer couples still face many legal & social challenges beyond marriage. Queer liberation goes beyond the binary of "same-sex" and calls for all people to be able to express their gender and sexuality with freedom. As a queer person, this is important to me. Even if same-sex marriage is legal, there are many barriers that the queer community faces (i.e. discrimination, barriers to child adoption, difficulties with gender markers) that are obstacles to living a free life that need to be addressed.”

- Emilia Couture, VA, Generation Ratify Founding Mother