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2020 GenERAtion Ratify

Help elect ERa supporting legislators

Want TO REALLY make a Difference?

The key to ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment is electing legislators that support it over those who don't. Elections this November 5th helped Virginia elect a gender-equality-sense majority. We must now pursue the same for other states on the state, and national level. As youth, most of us can't vote, but we can urge those who can to elect officials that will ensure that the ERA and other gender equality legislation is made into law.

Elect Equal Rights

Key Campaigns

We helped flipped the Virginia state legislature to a gender-equality-sense majority and we will now do the same for other states, on the state and federal level. Check back soon to see the campaigns we are honing in on for the 2020 elections.

Upcoming Elect EQUAL RIGHTS Events

We are still celebrating the 20,000+ voter contacts that helped flip Virginia to an pro-ERA majority! Stay tuned for our 2020 pro-ERA candidates