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Remove the deadline on ratifying the ERA!


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ERA in the Courts: Our Amicus Brief!

11/22 @ 7 pm EST

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We are in a time of unprecedented attacks on our reproductive freedoms. With unconstitutional, anti-abortion legislation sweeping state legislatures, and a Congress unable to fight for our access to reproductive services, BIPOC, working-class, queer, and young people are being stripped of their right to healthcare and bodily-autonomy. 

The Supreme Court recently decided to take a case challenging the precedent set by Roe v. Wade, which protects abortion in the first two trimesters, or 24 weeks. The case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. With our 6:3 conservative majority, this case, regardless of the outcome, will have huge implications on the future of reproductive justice. We must meet this moment with the action and fight it requires. That is why we are rolling out our Rally for Roe campaign– a three-phased, three-month initiative to defend and expand our reproductive freedoms.

The goal of this campaign is to educate young people across the country about our intersectional fight for reproductive justice and bring them to action to preserve access to reproductive services. This includes advancing reproductive justice legislation in state legislatures, such as the Roe Act, and in Congress, such as the Women's Health Protection Act and the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance Act. It also includes building public pressure around Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization to ensure Roe v. Wade is not overturned. 


Phase #1: Engage & Educate
(July 22nd through End of August)

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We are currently in phase one of this campaign. This time is all about educating organizers in and outside of Generation Ratify about the fight for reproductive justice. It is a time to spread the word about what we are doing and engage people to follow us as we take action. We will be hosting a reproductive justice crash course as well as educational panels about the intersections of reproductive justice. Local and state chapters will be carrying out events in their communities, as well. Event sign-ups will be posted on this webpage once created. 

We will be launching a volunteer program on August 9th for individuals to help build this movement with specialized volunteer teams focused on recruitment, legislative action, communications, and more. Generation Ratify state teams are also using this time to prepare to host state-wide lobby days for reproductive justice legislation in their legislatures. Local teams are preparing to host direct actions across the country come October.    

Phase #2: Activate & Build
(End of August through End of September)

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After a month of stirring up excitement and engagement, we will be going full speed ahead preparing for actions. During this time, our volunteer program will be in full force, and we will be lobbying on both the state and federal level for reproductive justice legislation. Sign-ups will come closer to the date for lobbying opportunities.


On the ground organizers will continue to prepare for direct actions in October. Local and state teams will be carrying out various localized projects and events for people to plug into during this time. 

Phase #3: All Out Action
(Early October to Mid-October)


When October hits, we will be going full out with action on the ground to build public pressure leading up to the hearing of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. 

Want to stay up to date with all  opportunities to take action? Fill out this volunteer interest form. 

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