2019 Elections

The Elect Equal Rights campaign was dedicated to electing pro-ERA candidates to the VA General Assembly, especially those in the identified key districts. In 2019, all 140 seats were up for election, which made it the perfect opportunity to flip the legislature to a gender-equality sense majority!


We partnered with the campaigns of 14 key candidates in Virginia to make sure this happened: Sheila Bynum-Coleman, Nancy Guy, Schuyler Vanvalkenburg, Dawn Adams, Hala Ayala, Kelly Convirs-Fowler, Wendy gooditis, Elizabeth Guzman, Dan Helmer, Karen Mallard, Danica Roem, Joshua Cole, Lindsey Dougherty, and Jess foster.


We enlisted the help of youth throughout the state to phonebank, canvass, and write postcards for these candidates. We also registered voters with the League of Women Voters in schools and contacted suppressed voters to ensure that everyone's voice was heard on Election Day. 

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We created a program in which people could phone-bank for pro-ERA candidates anytime, anywhere, and for however long they wanted. Each day, we would send out a phone bank for one of the 14 campaigns we were partnered with. Scripts and easy to use phone banking programs were used making the process as kid friendly as possible. We had over 100 people enlisted in this program. Furthermore, these phone banks were accessible to all of our chapters, lead organizers, and partners. Through individual phone-banking to phone-banking parties, Generation Ratify had over 5000 conversations with voters across Virginia, urging them to elect pro-ERA candidates to the VA General Assembly.

Throughout the entire campaign season, Generation Ratify members were canvasing every weekend for pro-ERA candidates in key districts across Virginia. Through these door-step conversations, we were able to voice our opinions on the Equal Rights Amendment and express our youth perspective to voters directly. Not only were groups canvassing all the time, we pursued quite a few big canvassing events. All in all, 1700 door step conversations were held.