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In a nation based on immigration it is outrageous that many restrictive and dangerous policies continue to jeopardize the lives, health, and families of immigrants and asylum-seekers in the United States. Despite the fact that people moving to the US typically are attempting to join their families, work, or seek safety, the current immigration system criminalizes millions of people living in America and subjects them to risk. About 14% of the US population is made up of immigrants, making them an integral part of the nation’s economic growth, but the protections and benefits that apply to the majority of Americans still face restrictions that largely harm immigrants. Generation Ratify supports immigration reform that will provide a safer path to citizenship and equal opportunities for immigrants.


We will fight for the passage of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. Because the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act will ensure protections for immigrants experiencing sexual and domestic violence. Gender equality must benefit all women and femmes, and undocumented women and femmes are some of the most vulnerable.

We will fight for increased Social Security for immigrants. Because increased Social Security protections for immigrants will ensure economic stability into retirement to benefit the individual and their family.

We will fight to block sanctions and provide support for sanctuary cities. Because providing support for sanctuary cities will allow for protection of undocumented immigrants whose only “crime” is being in the US illegally. 


We will fight to abolish ICE. Because abolishing ICE will protect immigrants and their families by reducing their risks of deportation and avoiding procedures such as separating families at the border.

We will fight to expedite the citizenship process. Because expediting the citizenship process will allow immigrants to legally reside in the US without facing the risk of deportation.


“We need immigration reform. We need to reform our immigration system so families can be together and be successful. Even though there are faults in this country, I am thankful for everything my parents’ sacrificed to come here. They came here so I can have a normal, happy life, something they never had. I remember the trauma and fear in my parents’ eyes after the independence war. They wanted to protect us from the horrors. That’s all immigrants want for their families overall. Immigrating to another country is already difficult. Leaving home is not easy. Imagine trying to come here in America after escaping violence, war, poverty, abuse, whatever. All you want is guidance and support, yet depending where you came from, you’ll either get support or torture. Sounds extreme, but unfortunately that's what most immigrants have to go through, like my parents and sister did. No one wants to leave their home but it's a sacrifice made to protect their lives. We must help them. Abolishing ICE, fixing those awful “citizenship” tests that not even I can pass. Providing support for sanctuary cities and protecting women and children who are sold off. They already lost so much. They already risked everything. Let’s not take more. Let's provide hope and stability for them.”

- Tasfia Ahmad, NJ, Generation Ratify NJ Chapter Lead

“Growing up the daughter of two immigrants I experienced first hand how difficult the process is. The cruelty exhibited by ICE and the immigration proceedings is a travesty and a human rights violation. Our nation is great because of our immigrants not despite them. I am calling on our government to reduce the obstacles in immigration proceedings and protect them.”

- Yasmina Mansour, VA, Generation Ratify National Development Director

“I am first generation here in this country. While my mom is from New Jersey, my dad is from Greece. Like many, he came here at the age of 18 and essentially never went back. We see our Greek family once a year, if we are lucky. This story is not unique; it is the story of so many Americans. However, my experience is very different from other children from immigrant families. People never ask my dad to stop speaking Greek, we have never had trouble getting on a plane, and we have never had the legality or status of our being here come into question. I frequently  hear the argument that our immigration system is either fine or that it should be even more strict; that it is about safety. This argument is wrong. The current path to citizenship and immigration as a whole in this country is plagued with upholding stereotypes and discrimination based on race and ethnicity. The United States’ prides itself on being a nation of immigrants. This cannot be made true if Congress doesn’t take a stand and end this country’s extremely prejudiced and flawed immigration system.”

- Grace Sarafidis, MD, Generation Ratidy Bethesda Chapter Co-Lead

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