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2020 GenERAtion Ratify




Our Story

        In the words of Alice Walker, The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any, and we are here to demonstrate the reclamation of our power. We, the youth, have proven time and time again that we are today's leaders and change-makers. From climate change strikes to gun reform laws, we have harnessed our unique voices and created a powerful impact. 

         What started out as a team of 14-year-old girls living in Arlington, Virginia has now turned into a nationwide movement that is engaging hundreds, even thousands of youth. Within six months of our whirlwind launch, we’ve grown far past our home state, spreading all throughout the east coast and we’re only just beginning. There are many organizations that are dedicated to the ratification of the ERA but none are as unique as Gen Rat. We are a strictly youth-led movement whose values lie in promoting an inclusive ERA. Our collective movement has made it our focus to put marginalized voices in the forefront. It is apparent to us that a movement without a truly diverse representation of the population that any change made will not be fully inclusive.


        Through harnessing the power of the youth we have accomplished in six months what many couldn’t in years. We’ve aided in the election of many prominent legislators in the room as part of our Elect Equal Rights campaign, and now we’re just days away from launching our national campaign: Generation Gender Equality, a coalition of groups dedicated to strengthening the youth voice ranging from local college groups to the National Organization of Women and PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement. Together we will harness our collective voice and bring our fight to the heart of a nation, that will make a statement that no one can ignore. Among those flashier accomplishments we’ve done something truly remarkable: raise awareness for the ERA and youth activism in teens. All the major high schools in Arlington and several other high schools along the east coast have chapters of Generation Ratify. We've introduced them to a battle that started years before they were born and armed them with information and tools to finally end this fight once and for all.   

        Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment means that all Americans, regardless of their race, background, religion, national origin, and gender, are finally equal under the law.  Nearly 300 years after the birth of our country, we will finally accomplish what we had set out to do; create a nation where all people, all intersections of identity, are equal to one another, and whose existence is protected by their government. Nearly 300 years ago our founding fathers stated  that all people are created equal. We are here today to make sure those words ring true. Not one more generation will live in a world where they are at risk of discrimination simply because of what gender they are. After the ratification of the ERA, our generation will go on and fight for those who will continue to be left out of the Constitution, who are still discriminated against on the basis of ability and sexuality. Not one more generation without the rights of every single American ensured and secure.   


GenERAtion Ratify's mission is to mobilize youth across the country to take action to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution of the United States of America. We do this through:

1) Supporting Pro-Equal Rights Amendment candidates. Generation Ratify works to engage and mobilize youth to educate voters on the ERA and urge them to elect candidates that support the ERA. Through registering voters, making phone-calls, knocking on doors, writing postcards, and organizing candidate forums, Generation Ratify works to ensure lawmakers that value equality are elected to office. 

2) Lobbying Legislators. Generation Ratify works to convince lawmakers to honor equality. We do in-district lobbying, pursue letter-writing campaigns, organize demonstrations, call our legislators, and talk to their staff. Although many activists of Generation Ratify can't vote, we will not wait until we can to make sure our representatives hear our voices. 

​3) Honoring the Intersectionality of Gender Equality. Gender equality is an intersectional issue. We honor that through participating in and supporting campaigns that will help bring us to our goal of gender equality. We honor that through spreading the word that gender equality is for all genders.