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Click here to become an official member of Generation Ratify! This will allow you to have special privileges such as joining Generation Ratify team calls, being the first to know of all opportunities and initiatives, and access to all of our resources, policy packs, and toolkits.


Additionally, Generation Ratify has a team full of dedicated, gender-equality youth activists. We are always looking for leaders to join our team on the national, state, and local level! Here are the current opportunities to get involved in Generation Ratify:

National Team:


  • No open positions 

State Level:

  • As Generation Ratify expands to across the country, we are looking for State Directors to help lead the organizing efforts as well as develop and oversee chapters in their state. 

Local Level:

  • ​Starting and/or joining a chapter! We are always looking for organizers to carry out our work in their own communities. Learn more about our chapter system here.

  • Become a community organizer! Want to help organize in your community but don't want to have the responsibility of a chapter, email rosie@generationratify.org to become a community organizer.