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2020 GenERAtion Ratify

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Generation gender equality

The Generation Gender Equality Coalition

Launched January 20th, Generation Gender Equality is a coalition of groups that are youth-led, have high youth engagement, and/or strive to be more inclusive of the youth generation. This is a coalition of groups, ranging from college campus organizations to the National Organization For Women, all working towards a more equitable future for all genders through advocating for gender equality legislation, specifically the Equal Rights Amendment. Our goal is to create a team of organizations fighting for issues that fall at the intersection of gender equality. Our power in numbers and dedication will allow for an unstoppable team, comprised of different groups who come together to achieve equality for all genders through creative demonstrations, projects, and initiatives.

Through biweekly coalition calls, we aim to see how we all can support each other in our gender equality related endeavors. Outside of the coalition calls, there is a space for further collaboration among the groups to pursue special projects and intersectional campaigns. Our current goal is to amplify efforts regarding ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution of the United States of America. Visit our take action page for more information. Stay tuned for calls to action and future coalition campaigns!

Members of generation gender equality

Human Rights Sanrakshan Sansthaa

New Jersey High School Democrats

End Rape On Campus

Rachel's Network

Black Feminist Collective

Girl Be Heard


Vote Like a Mother

I Am That Girl - Wash U

Women's Fund of Rhode Island

University of Massachusetts Amherst College Democrats

FL0365 - Pasco County NOW

Peace & Justice Center

Equality Nevada

Northern New Jersey NOW

The Women's Center of Southeastern Michigan

ERA Task Force AZ

College Democrats of Northwestern

Women Inspiring Social Harmony

Cal Berkeley Democrats

Queer People of Color

UMD College Democrats


High School Democrats of Mississippi


Democrats of the Claremont Colleges

Side by Side

Stand Up for Reproductive Rights and Gender Equity (SURGE)

Chicago Foundation for Women

Badgers for Bernie

Huskies for Human Rights

National Council of Gray Panthers Networks

Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network

People's Justice Alliance

Mizzou College Democrats

The Oracle Institute & Peace Pentagon HUB

National Organization for Women - Oregon chapter

Vote Like a Girl

Period @ Kansas City

Northeast Iowa Peace & Justice Center

Blue Future

JOIn The Revolution