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Last year, Elect Equal Rights flipped the Virginia General Assembly to a gender-equality sense majority. Now, it's time to flip the Senate. Currently, the only remaining obstacle in the Equal Rights Amendment's path to ratification is its deadline. The House demonstrated that it understand the importance of the ERA when it passed HJ Resolution 79, the bill to remove the deadline, on February 15th. To present, the Senate has not even been able to bring SJ Resolution, the Senate version of the bill, to a floor vote. So once again, it is up to us youth make sure our Representatives do the right thing. This November we have the opportunity to change the make up of the Senate, and we accomplish this by mobilizing youth all across he country and rallying them in support of pro-ERA candidates. From now until the elections this November, Generation Ratify will be pushing for the election of these pro-ERA candidates in battleground states. The young people will win. We will elect a pro-ERA majority this November. 

check out this week's opportunities . . .

Text-bank for pro-ERA candidate MJ Hegar. Hegar faces a tough battle in her home state of Texas! Let voters know why she's the right choice for Texas and the ERA.

Phone-bank for pro-ERA candidate Jaime Harrison. Harrison faces a tough battle in his home state of South Carolina! Let voters know why he's the right choice for South Carolina and the ERA.

Help get out the vote by calling infrequent voters in key swing states to secure a pro-ERA president and Senate!

Phone-bank for pro-ERA candidate Mark Kelly. Kelly faces a tough battle in his home state of Arizona! Let voters know why he's the right choice for Arizona and the ERA.

Phone-bank or text-bank for pro-ERA candidate John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper faces a tough battle in his home state of Colorado! Let voters know why he's the right choice for Colorado and the ERA.

In light of recent events, we also have created phone banks to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. We will be rolling out more phone banks in solidarity with the Black Live Matter movement as well. We urge you all to prioritize these in the coming weeks! 

Make sure to fill out our Action Tracker every time you complete an action so we can quantify our impact!

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