Know what happens when youth activists are quarantined? We get creative! Join Generation Ratify’s Policy + Political Action Team for an 8 week Digital ERA Action Bootcamp! The Digital ERA Action Bootcamp is an 8-week program that will guide youth activists through mentorship, webinars, and actions to grow as organizers as they learn how to effectively digitally organize, build community online, and advocate for the ERA during the COVID-19 outbreak. During the 8 week program, you will be taken through 8, 1-hour, virtual trainings that will educate you about the ERA and teach you how to advocate for it during the Coronavirus pandemic. After each training, there will be action items that will need to be completed. Feel free to sign up for any and all bootcamps. RSVPs will be released the week of the training. We are currently on week 5. Check out our Digital Events to RSVP!



ERA 101

The first week of the Digital ERA Action Bootcamp is all about fully understanding the ERA! Led by Rosie Couture, Executive Director of Generation Ratify, and joined by Kate Kelly, leading ERA expert, this training will explore the history of the ERA, the importance of the amendment, how it intersects with other issues, and answer any questions you could possibly have about it. 


ERA & the 2020 Election

The second week of the bootcamp will be all about the importance of the 2020 election in ensuring the ERA’s ratification. This training will cover the changes we need to see in the make-up of our national elected officials and how we can make sure we see those changes. From phonebanking 101 to digitally registering voters, this training will leave you equipped with the resources to lead the fight for an ERA majority in the Senate.


Legislative Advocacy

The third week of this adventure will dive into the legislative process to enshrine the ERA into the Constitution of the United States of America. It will then go on to explain how we can advance the legislation to get there. From calling your representatives to emailing them to having a digital meeting with a staffer, this training will leave you with multiple ways to take action to advance the removal of the deadline on the ratification of the ERA from the comfort of your bed. 





Week 5 is all about social media. Whether it is using instagram to build community or making a tiktok to go viral, this training will give you the down low on everything you need to know on how to utilize social media to digitally organize. It will specifically talk about how you can execute outreach to expand influence without being able to be in person. 



of covid-19

and gender equality

The Fifth week of this series will go in depth into the intersection of the Coronavirus and gender equality. From stripping of abortion access, to increased rates of domestic violence, women and all marginalized genders are facing the brunt of this pandemic. We will be joined by Period. the Menstrual Movement who will be specifically addressing menstrual equity.   



On week 6, we will be discussing the importance of storytelling and the story of self when advocating for the ERA. When fighting for gender equality, using your unique voice and story is critical to touching the hearts of legislators as well as voters. 




On this jam packed training, we will be joined by the Gender Equality Law center as they discuss gender-based dsicrimination cases they have litigated. They will discuss how the ERA will help all genders in the court of law. They will also discuss the role of the courts in securing ratification of the ERA and how you can help. Generation Ratify will also explain how they have used judicial advocacy to advance the ERA.




To wrap off this 8 week bootcamp, we will explore how to build community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a critical time to be there for each other and a unique time to capitalize on building relationships within activist circles. This training will discuss how to build that much needed community digitally.  

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